Scope of work: Assigned writer from inception to launch, development of tag line/ advertising/marketing campaign, Sell Page, In-app copy & ads, Apple Store Copy, P90X package insert, FAQ’s, Marketing emails to P90X database, Coach tools (i.e. banners, product training guide, and e-cards,) facebook contest for P90X iPhone case, and more


  • Helped the app generate $653,351 and over 65,000 units to date in less than two months, and become the #2 selling fitness app on the Apple Store for several weeks in a row, and the top grossing app on iTunes for 3 days.
  • As for click rates, 9.6% of workout detail page views converted to a click to the store. Of those 76,109 clicks, 13,533 ended up purchasing through the app store.


P90X app for iPhone App store copy

P90X app for iPhone App Store Copy