1.)   Beachbody Beauty Blog

Scope of work: Planning, researching, writing, and producing content for weekly entries in various voices on a multitude of topics. Streamlined the process to utilize Beauty’s expertise.  Integrated the Timeless Secret and Derm Exclusive products covertly into entries to promote products. Held contests and giveaways, administered surveys, collected input and feedback.


  • Brought in 123,692 unique visitors in 2011, increased awareness of Timeless Secret and Derm Exclusive, developed known and trusted voices for the Beauty Division as it shifted from the beauty staff, to Marina, back to beauty staff.
  • Increased loyalty of readers by 13%, as with more visits, less were new visitors.

Enjoy excerpts below from the  Beachbody Beauty Blog. I started as the ghostwriter and content manager for Marina Randolph, the founder of Beauty by Beachbody. See full entries at http://beautybybeachbody.com.  Blogs entries are aimed at creating Marina as a trusted and likable beauty expert and promoting Timeless Secret and Derm Exclusive products. They include marketing survey’s I’ve written as well as contests to create awareness for the products. We transitioned it to excerpts from the whole beauty team as I wrote in various voices. Also find excerpts from the Rev Abs blog for which I also wrote and produced video content.